The world of Pre-order.

As a self-confessed bookie, I am a huge fan of getting the books on the day of release, who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately for myself I live in a semi-remote area of the British Isles and constantly am left disappointed and spoiler-avoiding till the book arrives. Although this has lessened since having an e-reader, I amContinue reading “The world of Pre-order.”

Why do I love reading?

I own many a book and have my favourite series and one-off stories, yet I was wandering just what makes them my favourite reads. So I started where anyone would start, my bookshelf,  just what did I love to read when I was growing up? What do I love to read now? Well, when I thought of this, I saw that theyContinue reading “Why do I love reading?”

Trick or Treat Ninja Book Swap

Hello all out there in the blogsphere!  Today I bring you an update on the latest #NinjaBookSwap and what  sent and received! So, I was tasked with sending a parcel to the lovely Holly at Lost in a Library and was determined to integrate her love of Owls into the parcel and of course the books. She received a copyContinue reading “Trick or Treat Ninja Book Swap”