This Mortal Coil; by Emily Suvada

3 billion lives at stake.  2 people who can save them.  1 secret hidden in their DNA.  A breathtaking debut series about one girl’s quest for answers in a genetically and technologically advanced future.  There’s no gene for RUN LIKE HELL.  When a lone soldier, Cole, arrives with news of Lachlan Agatta’s death, all hopeContinue reading “This Mortal Coil; by Emily Suvada”

Some Fine Day: Author Interview with Kat Ross

 Sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist is on the verge of graduating from the black ops factory known as the Academy. She’s smart and deadly and knows three things with absolute certainty. 1. When the world flooded and civilization retreated deep underground, there was no one left on the surface. 2. The only species to thrive there areContinue reading “Some Fine Day: Author Interview with Kat Ross”