Bookshelves and You.

While searching through my bookshelf for a book, that I have since remembered I loaned out, it got me thinking just what, how and why people organise their bookshelves. So low and behold, a blog post is formed.  So, myself,  and our spell-checker Jacqueline (and hopefully one day contributor) have taken pictures of our bookshelves for allContinue reading “Bookshelves and You.”

TV Series: Our Zoo

Our Zoo is a British drama television series from BBC One, first broadcast on 3 September 2014. The six-part series, written by Matt Charman and directed by Andy De Emmony, is about George Mottershead, his dreams of creating a cage-free zoo, his family and how their lives changed when they embarked in the creation of Chester Zoo. Review: This is suchContinue reading “TV Series: Our Zoo”

Tim Minchin: So f**king rock

Summary: The show contains Minchin’s trademark blend of comedic songs and poetry linked by short segments of observational comedy. It features many of the songs that have helped contribute to Minchin’s popularity, including Peace Anthem For Palestine, which he himself has stated is his favourite song to perform. In the mammoth two hour performance, he tackles aContinue reading “Tim Minchin: So f**king rock”