Interview – Liz de Jager

Today we welcome author and prolific tweeter Liz de Jager to the blog where we talk about publishing, juggling a day job and those pesky characters that want to be heard. Liz is the author of Banished and Vowed from the Blackheart Legacy series. How long was it between finishing Banished and the release ofContinue reading “Interview – Liz de Jager”

The world of Pre-order.

As a self-confessed bookie, I am a huge fan of getting the books on the day of release, who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately for myself I live in a semi-remote area of the British Isles and constantly am left disappointed and spoiler-avoiding till the book arrives. Although this has lessened since having an e-reader, I amContinue reading “The world of Pre-order.”

Why do I love reading?

I own many a book and have my favourite series and one-off stories, yet I was wandering just what makes them my favourite reads. So I started where anyone would start, my bookshelf,  just what did I love to read when I was growing up? What do I love to read now? Well, when I thought of this, I saw that theyContinue reading “Why do I love reading?”

Trick or Treat Ninja Book Swap

Hello all out there in the blogsphere!  Today I bring you an update on the latest #NinjaBookSwap and what  sent and received! So, I was tasked with sending a parcel to the lovely Holly at Lost in a Library and was determined to integrate her love of Owls into the parcel and of course the books. She received a copyContinue reading “Trick or Treat Ninja Book Swap”