Located in Scotland, Read Between the Scenes is a group of like-minded individuals who all love consuming some of the most creative pieces of work out there; whether it be books, games or movies. If we aren’t reviewing our latest read, watch or play then there might be some fun ramblings from our minds found here too.


Talia can usually be found with her kindle in hand reading yet another book she has already forgotten to review as she moves onto the next must-read. Reading a wide range on genres, fantasy will always remain her favourite.

Anne, originally from London, loves to keep up-to-date with the next best seller whether is be young adult or an edge of the seat thriller.

She likes to spend her time reading, cooking and gaming – if her cat, Odin, will let her – and is looking forward to sharing her thoughts on books on the blog.



Andrew loves film. So much so that he aspires to make his own. Check out what he and his colleagues are up to at Silver City Studios.

Reviews from Andrew will be far and few between and always movie related, and probably a lot more technical than anything from Talia or Emma.

Emma brings a very personal and engaging review style to the blog.

She has decided to step away from the blog for the time but all her past reviews are still accessible.

Emma, unlike the rest of the crew does not have a pet – but she does wish it could be Halloween everyday.


Should you wish to get in touch with anyone of us, please email RBtScenes@gmail.com

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