Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is the follow up to the hit 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen. It continues to follow the adventures of Anna and Elsa as they lead Arendelle.

As like the first film, music is ingrained into the plot of the story and as a result I felt that the first 20-30 minutes suffered greatly because of this. Evidently the need to set the scene for the film and the over arching plot is important, however with every character breaking into song this elongates this scene setting. Sitting through this drags and makes you question whether this will be a rare Disney -fail. Thankfully following Into the Unknown – performed by Idina Menzel as Elsa, the story picks up exponentially and regains the interest of the viewer.

Olaf as a character has grown, and by grown i mean matured. He is portrayed as a much more melancholy and more thoughtful character, much less naive and childlike. They have also addressed the lack of snow-cloud above him by stating he is now made of perma-frost. Some of his jokes land, while others fall flat but it is much the same as the first film.

Elsa and Anna have grown up too. They have settled in to ruling Arendelle but it is made clear from the start of the film that while Anna is thriving, Elsa isn’t. She is seen in dark clothes which through the film become lighter as she becomes surer of herself and who and where she is meant to be. Kristoff’s main purpose throughout the film is as comic relief as he looks to ask Anna to marry him. He doesn’t factor into the plot other than as taking them to the forest.

Overall, this movie, for a twenty-something adult is enjoyable even if the story is thin. Disney have continuing success with their animation juggernauts. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it, rather that you can just to enjoy the music throughout.

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