Avengers: Endgame

THIS IS A NON SPOILERS REVIEW. However as with all reviews some plot points or character details maybe alluded too so as with all things, proceed at your own risk.

Avengers Endgame is the culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which encompasses 22 films and spans numerous different character which would be familiar to those who have read the comic books. Endgame is perhaps, event cinema at its finest with numerous story arcs continued as The Avengers look for a way to undo all that happened in Infinity War.

I will talk about my four favourite performances next in order to avoid plot points:

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America. In all honesty I believe this was his film, he seems savvier, more real than the previous iterations. The events of Infinity War has had a profound effect of his psyche and what is means it means to be part of a team who, in all essence, failed humanity. During the film we are treated to this smarter Captain America, who utilises both his strengths and his weaknesses in order to do what he has too. Chris Evans has managed to convey this superbly to the audience, and once again under the Russo’s direction has shown what a weapon Captain America is.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. The man who started it all. The one who survives against all odds. The one left broken and alone – well almost – in outer-space. This film we see a different side to Tony, but still the grim determined nature he possesses to live and to do what is right. Downey Jr., is a steady presence throughout the film and the interactions between himself and the other Avengers highlights that even though they have been through so much, they are all still friends

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow. We finally see some of the best of Black Widow since Winter Soldier. Johansson delivers an epic portrayal of our favourite super spy as she, after Infinity War is no longer someone who is defined by the trauma of her past, but rather someone who because of it is epic-ally equipped to handle the stresses ans strains that comes post snap, especially with Fury’s absence.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Post Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thor is the strongest we have ever seen him. It is clear that Hemsworth is having fun playing the character again as post Age of Ultron he wanted out. Thor feels that he has failed humanity. He didn’t go for the neck when he went after Thanos due to his need to have the last word. In Endgame, We see Hemsworth take Thor in a new direction and helps to bring a new fresh take to the character that we all know, and now love.

All four of the above performances show a variety of differing ways in how people cope post snap but how that with a little help, they are all supremely resilient and filled with hope for a better future than the one they were forced into. Endgame is a supremely satisfying conclusion to what has now been dubbed The Infinity Saga in that we get all that we want to see. I know in my screaming there were tears, laughs and a bunch of HELL YEAHS. The film pays the right amount of fan service while still continuing organically with the story and not making the viewer feel they cheated in order to get there. Truly an unforgettable addition to this franchise.

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