2018 – A Retrospective

Happy New Year to you all!

Another year has come and gone and it truly feels like 2018 has flown by. In this post I am going to look back at my favourite books and movies of 2018 while looking forward into 2019 at what am I going to read and watch. 


I started 2018 in Edinburgh and the first completed book of the year was A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab.  Her writing is engaging, with deep twisted story plots that ultimately balloon into this wonderfully constructed world. It is likely that 2019 is going to start with a book by V.E Schwab, This Savage Song has long intrigued me, and now feels like the right time to read it. 

Probably one of the biggest young adult releases of the year is Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi


This book is heralded for helping to pave the way for modern publishing and representation – we saw publishing houses promoting books where main characters were of numerous nationalities and cultures. In 2019 I hope to see this trend continue because the stories are wonderfully diverse with a unique freshness to the story-telling. Adeyemi’s story-telling is organic and the character arcs are beautifully intense – I look forward to the sequel which is due sometime this year. 

My favourite sequel of 2018 was Wildcard by Marie Lu. It successfully carried on where Warcross left off. Emika struggles to find all the answers while the book looks at the importance of a separation between online and reality. Full of betrayal and twists, that leave the reader for a loop, this book ticked all the boxes I wanted in a sequel. 


An honourable mention goes to Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas. The book was the finale of a series that I have followed for six years and the end was satisfying. With the end of such a long series it can often feel like a book has not lived up to the expectations that have been set, however in this case the end felt right – it wasn’t overdone and didn’t feel like the author had taken the easy way out. 

My surprise read for the year was The Manhattan Project by Paul McNeive. This book brought to the fore just how dependant we are as a consumer society and further, how we could be exploited and harmed due to this. 


This was the kind of book that surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. The genre wasn’t one I would have typically picked up myself – but the suspense and mystery nature of the plot drew me in and didn’t let me leave until I had turned the last page. 

Looking forward into 2019 I plan to re-read the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer in time for the new movie to be released by Disney. It has probably been around ten years since I last read the series from start to finish. I also have a small to-be-read list to get though before I can allow myself to purchase any new books – this includes new and old releases. I hope I can stick to this!


2018 brought many blockbusters to the big screen but also brought some smaller fair movies. Sadly, I never got to see nearly as many movies I had hoped to see during the year. Probably the biggest movie of the year Avengers: Infinity War was event cinema at its finest. Would I call it the best made movie of the year? No, of course not. But it was 10 years of stories finally meeting in what was a film made for the viewers, not the critics. 2019 will bring the second-half of this story to the big screen. Although, I still believe that some of the best images released for the film came from the trailers! 


Coco was Disney Pixar at its finest. It drew the emotions from the viewer to the fore while presenting this fantastically colourful world. In this case they drew upon Mexico’s Día de Muertos or the Day of the Dead. The film is beautifully constructed with a somewhat understated score which brings to the fore Remember Me as Miguel looks to find out who his great-great-grandfather, uncovering family secrets in the meantime. Those who have watched the movie will understand the poignancy of that special something that will bring a smile or memory back to someone with Dementia or Alzheimers.  


Other films that I enjoyed this year were Ready Player One, Game Night and Jumanji – which I know is a 2017 release but I saw it in 2018, okay?! In 2019, I hope to see all the of Disney Marvel releases, Aladdin, Dumbo, How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, Artemis Fowl, and Jumanji 2. 

So here is to you all, I hope 2018 treated you all well and that you accomplish all that you hope for in 2019. 

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