The Change: New York by Guy Adams

Where were you when the world changed?
One minute everything was fine and the next… they arrived. Those that saw them died instantly. The unlucky ones survived. Now unimaginable things straight out of nightmares roam the streets of our towns and cities. Nothing is impossible. Nowhere is safe. And no one can escape The Change…
Grace just wants to find her brother, but she can’t go anywhere without the Queen of Coney Island’s permission to travel. 
Now the Queen demands payment and Grace and her new friend, a man in a false beard who believes he is God, must journey into the nightmare world of Dreamland, a tourist park whose attractions are as lethal as they are bizarre.

Release Date: Out Now

I received a copy of this book from Solaris Books in return for an honest review.

This is book 2 out of The Change series and is set in New York. We follow new characters in a new setting after a single event has changed the world. We meet Grace, who is travelling to a forbidden area to seek out her brother who she last saw before the change happened.

Along the way, Grace meets a strange guy who is claiming to be God, she allows him to travel with her as she tries to find her brother. In this short novel, Grace has a task to perform for the Queen of Coney Island to get the permission to travel to the area where she believes her brother to be. However the task is not simple and we meet more characters who help Grace.

Overall, the book is an enjoyable short read, it would have been nice if the second book in the series was a continuation of the first one, but I think the author will be tying the stories together later in the series. At least I hope it will!

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