Procrastination Nation

Hello World, 

It’s been a while hasn’t it? 

I promise I didn’t mean to drop out like I have but as you can imagine, coming to the end a a semester quite a few assignments build up and you sometimes just have to prioritise what you do first. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying the life that is books. As you might be able to gather from the above picture I have a wee to be read pile, that thankfully at this stage has been halved, although my e-book collection may beg to differ.

How has the first months of the year been for you? What books have you managed to fit into your life? Have you found a favourite yet? My favourite of the year so far is quite possibly a tie between Strange the Dreamer by the ever eclectic Laini Taylor and Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh. The former was a surprise hit with me and I knew from the outset I would quite possibly love Flame in the Mist as I love a fairy-tale retelling in particular one who manages Mulan well, but I’ll type my thoughts in full for future reviews. 

Never fear, reviews will still come up here, just not as frequently as before.


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