Darkness Follows by L.A. Weatherly

Welcome to Harmony 5: A secure prison camp where the rebellious and the discordant are broken. The rules are simple here: obedience or death. But in a world this dark, what has Amity got to lose? 

Release Date: Out Now

Please note this is a sequel to Broken Sky and so may contain minor spoilers.

Things have changed drastically from when we left Amity and Collie flying into the sunset. Something went wrong and Amity was on trial, and as expected the farce that it is leads to her imprisonment. 

During this book we learn a lot about Amity as a person and her drive to survive even if it isn’t quite what others are expecting. Ingo is also in this camp and is dismayed to find her fiery spirit depleted and her merely fighting to survive. I really think that this was written supremely well, the emotions that Amity is feeling is ones she is not use to and has to come to terms with. She also is learning a lot about herself and has to deal with the fact that she might not survive this place and if she does, is there another life ahead? 

The two point of views in this book are Amity and Mac Jones, so we get the flashbacks of what happened from Amity’s view and what is happening now with Amity and Mac who works for Gunnison. Mac is an interesting character with his hand in lots of cookie jars. From his perspective it is clear there is a power shift that is happening unbeknown to most and as such is deeply concerning. 

This book follows on from the first and captures the readers interest almost immediately. You want to know what happened: for Amity to be put in the position and you also want to know just how she will survive. It sets a much darker tone where there is little hope and lots of despair the world seems to be condensing and falling under Gunnison. It continues the mystery style throughout the book through the two points of view, just what is happening where and who is in control?

I really enjoyed this second instalment. It doesn’t suffer from “middle book syndrome” and can stand out by itself in this series. The plot is smooth and interestingly dark which was a perfect Halloween time read… or anytime read! So make sure to pick up the first book and start this amazing series.


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