Suicide Squad

Release Date: Out now!!

Judging by reviews (I never trust big movie reviews, and am a fan not a critic) this movie was going to be all hype and no substance. However, it is one of the best movies I have seen for a long time! I saw three movies today so that is saying a lot.

The casting could not have been better, I honestly could not fault them. I will only mention a few of them but they were all amazing. Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, she was absolutely amazing so perfect for the part. Big well done to her for being badass while wearing those shorts. Lucky she has a nice ass since it was on show quite a bit.
Will Smith as Deadshot is genius, I love the guy he is just amazing! He is such an amazing actor that he can be given any role and just make it his own and make it believable.
Cara Delevingne was, well I can’t say much about her character as it wouldn’t be fair on those who have not seen it but there are no words to describe her performance! She is another actress who goes above and beyond, she adapts to the different roles flawlessly and with so much energy!
Jared Leto was creepy as hell! Absolutely psychotic. I LOVED it. His character seemed to be just an extra to create more of an overall story and backstory for Harley Quinn’s character development. I feel he was maybe put in as a hint of a sequel? Anyone else agree?

I thought that since a lot of the hype had been surrounding Harley that she would be made out to be the most important and the storyline would focus on her but I am really glad I was wrong. Yeah she was an important role but not just as a sex symbol. She was a badass. The fact the movie focuses on the other characters, developing their stories as well makes the movie so much better. You get to know each character, understand their motivations and how they came to be where they are. I know some people do not appreciate back story but it was done quickly and effectively which was great.

Visually the whole production was brilliant. Sometimes in a dark cinema the lighting can cause the scenes to be a bit too dark on screen and cause me to lose focus on keeping track of everyone but the lighting was perfect, even during the dark scenes there was nothing missing.

I did not know who the bad person was that the squad were targeting when entering the movie and was pleasantly surprised when I found out! It was a nice twist for me anyways I’m not sure if you will agree.

Well I think I will end it there but I highly recommend this movie to everyone because jeez it was just amazing! It is enjoyable to watch and take in. I honestly want to see it again and it only ended a couple hours ago!

Emma 😀

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