Reading Reviews~

Oh Boy! I have been on a reading frenzy this summer and although I don’t review all the books I read, I like to tell yous what ones I have enjoyed and if there are any for you to maybe skip over this time! These are very short reviews consisting of an overview and a review paragraph of my overall thoughts.

Demon Road (Demon Road, #1)

Demon Road by Derek Landy – 3.5*

If you have read Jana Oliver’s Trapped series then I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this book also. Demons come in all shapes and sizes in this novel and some bring an exciting twist. Mixing human nature and the supernatural leads to all sort of problems for Amber Lamont who is an unknowing part in the big family secret.

Amber is feisty and super impulsive which leads her and Milo into more trouble than she already is in. In an interesting twist we see how distorted people come in the search for power from all that is evil and the lengths that those who have been touched by evil will go to avoid it. In many ways it is like teaching you not to want what others have as you don’t know how much they are suffering. Its a really fun book to read and a great start to a series. 

Revelation (The Revelation Series, #1)

Revelation Series by Randi Cooley Wilson – 3*

This whole series encompasses angels, demons and gargoyles? Definitely something I personally have not come across before in my habitual reading. These Gargoyles are not the scary stone statues that guard cathedrals instead they are basically hyped up humans with special powers. Their gargoyl-y-ness comes from the idea that they have healing stones and require to be places in a “Stone Sleep” if significantly wounded.

These series as a whole is very enjoyable as it the spin off sequel to it. My only problem is that it feels like the author has tried to hard to make the story (and the relationship in it) epic that she has lost herself to the words leaving some areas very convoluted and confusing. Some passages seem to mirror and copy others leaving for a stunted reading.

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes, #1)

Snow like Ashes by Sara Raasch – 4.5*

Meira would do anything for her friend, fellow refugee and future King Mather. Wanting to help her Kingdom return from the shadow of Spring’s War she has to use all her wit and ingenuity to succeed where others have failed and fight against those who frighten her most. 

This book captivated me. It was literally in my hand at all times – and I was away enjoying a holiday. Meira as a character is strong and faces the challenges and revelations about her Kingdom as someone who is able to adapt to fulfil her promise. I enjoyed the use of the seasons as “countries” and the changing of some familiar months into the main cities. It’s these little details that build a world away from the mundane.

Ink and Bone (The Great Library, #1)

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine – 4*

Jess Brightwell lives in an alternate future. In London he helps his Dad by carrying illegal books to buyers yet after scoring well in the Great Library’s test Jess is invited to the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria to study all that it means to be a part of the institution, while helping his family and new friends.

This book had me stuck till about a third of the way through, it was a long hard slog past all the building that has to take place for the understanding of the world Jess lives in to make sense. Never the less after that point the book jumps to life and takes you on a magical journey full of mystery, espionage and backstabbing. I’ll be picking up the next book to see how Jess manages in the next stage of his life. 

What's Left of Me (The Hybrid Chronicles, #1)

What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang – 3.5*

Eva and Addie should not exist, There should only be one yet having never settled into one soul Addie must hide that Eva still exists or face being taken away to an institution. When a classmate notices that not all is quite what it seems with Addie a whole new part of their world is opened up.

This book is interesting in the idea that you were not the only soul when you were born, one is dominant and the other recessive yet for years you are two people, switching between one and another as easy as breathing. Eva and Addie discover the darker side of the Government’s endeavour to end the dual souls. It’s an interesting take on the wider conspiracies about whether we do have souls and whether or not what we put into our bodies is really safe. 

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