Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Summary from IMDB: Fearing that the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the Man of Steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs.

Release Date: Out now
Review: There have been a lot of negative reviews of this movie and so I was actually thinking of bailing and going home rather than sit through it for 2 and a half hours. I also had an issue with the fact it was called Batman v Superman as in the trailers it seems like it would just be 2 minutes of fighting and then a worse enemy would arrive and they would team up to fight it. Despite this, I went and damn I am glad I did.
The movie starts by giving backstory which actually lasts about an hour before action starts but despite what my friends thought, I enjoyed it. I am not overly fond of Batman, always preferring the bad guys, and I have never been interested in watching a Superman movie so I really enjoyed the back story. It allows the audience to relate to the emotions both characters are feeling and allows us to get into the right head space. I found that if the movie had immediately started into the action then I would probably have lost interest and be confused.
The characters are well developed throughout the movie, which considering it was 2 and a half hours long is expected, if they had not been then I would have worried. It paves the way for more DC extended universe movies to be made which is great. It gives us a glimpse at the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg (I did not know who he was until I googled it after the movie) It does not go into detail about the characters and I even heard a few people mutter asking friends ‘Was that the Flash?’, ‘Who was that?’ but it was not imperative that we know so it was not an issue. 
They tried to do so much with this movie, which explains the length, and I think they did well. The only issue I had was that it was such a weak reason for Batman and Superman to stop fighting. I am trying not to give any spoilers because it is such a new movie so I am not going to explore this issue too much, you will understand if you watch it. It just bugged me, like really you are enemies and that is what stops you from killing each other? Weak. Other than that parts, it was a really dark movie and the dreams/ flashbacks were a bit weird, like some moments you did not even know it was supposed to be a dream until they woke up.
I know there was a lot of controversy over Ben Affleck as Batman but wow he was such a badass it was amazing. Amy Adams is an amazing actress anyways but in the role she was brilliant, so believable and such an emotional range in the film that worked really well. Henry Cavill is exactly what I think of when I imagine Superman, he worked so well. Wonder Woman was so brilliant, she was the main reason I wanted to see the movie and wow Gal Gadot did not disappoint.
Overall I think they did well, I am not going to mention the bad guy because some people do not know that he is in it but he was ace. Lex Luthor releases him and he is such a badass. I knew nothing about Lex Luthor before watching the movie, except that he was a bad guy for Batman or Superman. I thought that Jesse Eisenberg was fantastic in the role of Lex Luthor. He was so believable it was brilliant.
I would say a 7 or 8 out of 10, overall. Recommend for all fans of superhero movies and even those who don’t. However, be prepared, it is a long movie and it is a lot a back story.
Emma 😀 

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