The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent

The Stars Never Rise (Untitled Series, #1)

Sixteen-year-old Nina Kane should be worrying about her immortal soul, but she’s too busy trying to actually survive. Her town’s population has been decimated by soul-consuming demons, and souls are in short supply. Watching over her younger sister, Mellie, and scraping together food and money are all that matters. The two of them are a family. They gave up on their deadbeat mom a long time ago.

When Nina discovers that Mellie is keeping a secret that threatens their very existence, she’ll do anything to protect her. Because in New Temperance, sins are prosecuted as crimes by the brutal Church and its army of black-robed exorcists. And Mellie’s sin has put her in serious trouble.

To keep them both alive, Nina will need to trust Finn, a fugitive with deep green eyes who has already saved her life once and who might just be an exorcist. But what kind of exorcist wears a hoodie?

Wanted by the Church and hunted by dark forces, Nina knows she can’t survive on her own. She needs Finn and his group of rogue friends just as much as they need her.

Thanks again too NetGalley and Harlequin UK for this review copy.
Okay so, Rachel Vincent book, Check. Dystopian, Check. Kick-butt heroine, demons and wandering souls? Check, check and check.

Welcome to a world unlike any other. Wars have been fought and the church has won against the demons. With the well of souls depleting and the church still fighting the odd demon, Nina Kane only had to worry about providing for her and her sister as her mother wasn’t capable, and getting all her school work done on time. Yet, Nina is dealt a blow to the face and has to come to terms with the world she really is in.

Rachel Vincent’s writing has yet to fail to impress me. Her characters and worlds are vivid and well thought out, her attention to detail can be stunning. This world she has created, although fantasy is rugged and has scope for future books to build on. She has left the door open for the reader to enter this world of demons and destruction and has told us; “come in, you won’t regret it”, and I didn’t. 

Nina is 16 years old, and has managed to find a way to make sure that she and her sister remain fed and clothed in the harshest of worlds.  She has a spunk yet is naive to what really is happening around her, so when her mother decides to involve herself in their lives again, there is something up. While what she loves most is in danger she remains loyal and will persevere to make sure they are safe and will remain so. 

Finn isn’t all that he seems but after saving Nina twice a bond is formed and the two can hardly be separated. While Finn takes a strong male lead and love interest in the book this isn’t without merit he is cool, cunning and calm under all pressures and is loyal to the bitter end for his friends. 

Overall I absolutely adored this book and swallowed it up like it couldn’t be read tomorrow and I really do ( and have) recommend this read.

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