Tim Minchin: So f**king rock

Summary: The show contains Minchin’s trademark blend of comedic songs and poetry linked by short segments of observational comedy. It features many of the songs that have helped contribute to Minchin’s popularity, including Peace Anthem For Palestine, which he himself has stated is his favourite song to perform. In the mammoth two hour performance, he tackles a series of issues including the theory of natural selection, babies and his worries about sex.

Release date: Out now

Review: I have to admit Tim Minchin is not for everyone due to his swearing and his point of view on religion and some other issues but for me he is one of my favourite comedians ever. 

I should mention that he is quite camp but it works for his quirky humour.

Tim’s sense of humour is quite similar to my own which is one of the reasons I love his shows so much but it’s unique compared to other comedians because he is clearly a nerd and throws some statistics and psychology references into his comedy which for some people is confusing but it’s brilliant if you get the references.

Another thing that makes Tim unique is that he uses songs in his comedy which adds a whole new level of humour to his performance because he’s clearly intelligent and the way the songs fit together to either make a point or reinforce his point of view. He hits on issues such as global warming, religion and new families. His musical talent makes him more than just a comedian it makes him an artist.

He is not very well known which is very unfortunate because he’s amazing. It’s also one of the reasons I am doing this review.

With his witty humour I would recommend this to anyone that isn’t easily offended over little things.
I also recommend all of his other DVDs as they are all brilliant as well 

Emma 🙂

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