Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to the Buttcrack-of-Nowhere Ohio to help her mom escape a bad relationship. 

All the girls in her new school want one thing – Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter’s never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he’s never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy.
The game board: East Summit High.
The reward: Something neither of them expected.

Release Date: Out Now
Publisher: Self Published

Initial thought: Interesting, has potential but as soon as you see the line ‘something neither of them expected’ everyone knows exactly what’s gonna happen, all we wanted to see was how Sara Wolf would make it stand out from an over crowded genre of teenage romance books.

With the fact that the main character Isis Blake being the new girl you expect her to be shy and quiet and not get noticed by the popular jock and then when he does they fall in love. But no Isis could never be considered shy. She is a force of her own and after her back story is slowly revealed we begin to sympathise for her but at the same time you admire how strong she has made herself after ‘nameless’ destroyed every tiny piece of happiness and innocence from her. 

She builds herself up and takes on the ice prince, Jack, in a war that was never gonna end in any other way than them both falling in love with each other. It is inevitable and perfect how Sara Wolf builds the attraction between the two and you can’t help but feel happy for them when they finally do something about it. The fact that she makes Isis forget about what happened makes you annoyed and exasperated but when you stop and think about it, it really is genius.

The war between the two characters is hilarious and brilliant. All Isis wants is for Jack Hunter to treat women better and apologise to her friend Kayla for being an ass and making her cry, although she does seem to cry a lot during the book. 

During the war, Isis begins to uncover information about the mystery girl, Sofia. We are left wondering what the whole backstory is and most writers would have explained about half way through but I like the fact Sara Wolf left it until the very end to explain what happened. It made it more interesting and added suspense which p made you continue reading.

The characters were believable and loveable. The running commentary from Isis’s first person perspective was comical and brilliant, it helped us relate to Isis’s position and point of view. When Sara began to switch up the narrative by bringing in Jack’s perspective of things it captured the readers attention and kept you interested by giving a fresh point of view.

The ending had me freaking out I was like ‘No you can’t end it there! I need more!’ I instantly went and bought the second one.

I loved the first acknowledgement to the reader, it was something special and funny which kept in tone with the rest of the book.

Overall: I have had problems finishing books recently, like seriously I’m in the middle of reading about 10 books and this is the first one I have been able to finish in months. It was interesting and different. It’s probably one of my favourite books I’ve read in awhile and I can’t wait to start the sequel ‘Savage Delight’. I would recommend this to anyone.

Emma 😀

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