Well on Saturday the 5th of April me and a group of about 10 others went down to check out Dundee’s version of comic con, Deecon. After going to Glasgow’s MCM con last year I was really looking forward to see how Dundee would compare since I figured it would be a smaller event but wow there was so many people there it was great!

There’s just something amazing about seeing that many people dressed up in their cosplays all having a good time. It’s like it exists outside of reality where everyone gets along and feels accepted. Strangers can randomly meet, start up a conversation and become friends. It’s also funny seeing everyone walking around Dundee in cosplay while everyone else has no clue what’s going on you get some funny looks. 

My cosplay was Silica from Sword Art Online (which I seriously recommend you all watch as it is amazing!) there was only one other person dressed in the same costume and there were many other people cosplaying as the other two main characters which were all brilliantly done, wish I had pictures to show how great everyone looked but oh well next time. 

There was something for everyone but the main part that stood out was the gaming section. There was lots of old games consoles, there was a Pokemon tournament and a smash bros tournament. There was also great merchandise from many different games such as Mario bros and league of legends.

Emma 😀

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